Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Shall Abide In My Love

  "If you keep my commandments, you shall abide in My love." - Jesus Christ (Yeshua, the Messiah, the Savior, the Prince of Peace, the Anointed One.)

Dear reader. 

There's only ONE God, and only one Mediator who can reconcile humanity to God. His name is Jesus.

JESUS is the only WAY to 'enlightenment' and salvation. His way is the only truth. 

Through Him alone we obtain freedom from the shackles of sin, and from the powers of darkness.

Jesus Christ is the 'BREAD OF LIFE,' the 'water of life,' and through Him, the hunger of our hearts for the things that are unseen and eternal are satisfied Jesus Bible Studies 

We (Christians,) the humble followers of Jesus, have found and bear witness to the truth that He's the DOOR. Through Him we've entered into this blessed life of 'rest, peace, joy and love.' :-) 

In His GRACE alone we obtain forgiveness and salvation, and begin to walk in a life that's akin to holiness.

Jesus is the LIGHT of the world, the resurrection and the life

The Bible Online Bible tells us that before we become Christians, we're actually 'dead' in our sins and our trespasses, and our lives are nothing but a 'bleak desert,' spiritually.

But when we accept Jesus as the Messiah, as our personal SAVIOR, He now lives through us. And loves us with an exceeding and everlasting love. :-)

We're then ALIVE, truly alive, and walking in the spiritual gardens of paradise. In the paths strewn with flowers of beauty and fragrance. And basking forever in the radiance of His love :-) 

One of the very best things about Jesus is when he tells us that His character never changes - that He's the SAME yesterday, today. and forever!

God chose to save us through our Jesus Christ. However, the time is coming, where Jesus is going to RETURN to this earth - to pour out His judgement. 

He'll be coming in the clouds, and at a time when we least expect Him.Every person alive will witness this event, and SEE the glory of God. 

We'll finally see and know for ourselves the things which formerly "eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, and which has not entered into the heart of man."

Nevertheless, this will be the time that God pours out His ANGER and judgement on the world - on those who don’t know Him (or who refuse to know Him,) and who don't obey His commandments. 

You may be a true Christian and believe all of this. You may be a nominal 'luke-warm' Christian, and take these things with doubts and mental reservations. Or you may be an agnostic or an atheist, and deny these things, saying to yourself; "Well, how do you know that it's so?" 

Nevertheless, your doubts and reservations or denials can't alter the spiritual FACTS that are facts. Nor can they cast a shadow on eternal truths. They only make your mental darkness blacker and your life more hopeless!

But there's HOPE for everyone, no matter how dark it's been! And if you're curious or would like to learn more about Jesus and the 'good news,' here's a good place to start; Jesus Bible Studies 

I want to tell you (or remind you) that Jesus loves YOU. He doesn't want you to perish, and He wants you to have eternal life!

His love is also that sweet solace for souls, that precious Heavenly love which made the hearts of His disciples yearn for Him while He was on earth. 

We (Christians) praise and magnify His most blessed and Holy Name because of it. We also know that He's coming back for us!


Much love,
Melina xxx

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