Monday, April 6, 2009

God Comes to You When You Want Him To

When you ASK, when you want Him to, God comes (in His own time, of course.) 
This experience is an un-doubting, immediate sense, or feeling of God's PRESENCE. 

It's an absolute CERTAINTY that you're not alone in this world. 

It's as if a person has been touched at every point by a being AKIN to oneself - a being who's sympathetic, wiser beyond measure, steadfast, and pure and noble in aims.

When God comes to you, it's also like standing side by side with, and touching someone whom we love very dearly and TRUST completely. 

It also can bring us into fellowship with a great multitude of other people! I also love this about God; "Closer he is than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet."

The moment of God coming to you may come while you're;

Sitting there alone in the darkness, under the stars.

Walking by yourself.

Being somewhere in a crowd.

Even while you're sitting and musing about other things.

God may come to you on a sinking ship, or in the tumult of a battle. There's no predicting when He may come to you.... but after He arrives, your life is CHANGED. 

FOREVER, changed. And even if you stray from God, and backslide in your faith, He'll Keep drawing you back!

God is with you, and there's no more DOUBT of God.

Thereafter, you walk around like;

One who was initially lonely and has now found a lover.

One who was perplexed and has found a solution. 

When God comes to you, when he arrives, you're finally assured that there's actually a Higher Power that fights with you against the confusion and evil around you. There also comes into your heart an enduring HAPPINESS and courage. 

Much love,
Melina xxx